What You Get

How it Works?

The process to register company through us takes less than 20 minutes;


Your Computer

Click Start Now to go to our online Application form.

You can save and exit at any time, we will email you your user name and password, you can come back at any time and complete your application form.


Our Server

Our simple online application form takes less than 15 minutes to fill for first time users. Answers to questions will fill up ASIC Form 201. All questions have useful hints and help wherever required.

After completing online application form you check that your answers are correct and then you pay by credit card.

Our server will then lodge Form 201 with ASIC 24/7 as we have a direct link to their servers.


ASIC Server


Instant Registration


Once ASIC server receives our online form – it makes several checks, such as availability of company name, age of directors, correct postal address etc, if the form passes these tests, your company is registered and an email is sent to our server with PDF file of Certificate of incorporation of your company.


Delayed Registration


At times, ASIC Server is down due to regular maintenance, your application is then kept pending and we inform you via email.

In some cases the ASIC staffs have to manually approve your application form – this is called “manual processing”. The reasons can be that the company name is similar to an existing company name or a registered business name, the company name or a word in the company name is not in the English dictionary etc. In these situations, ASIC staff can take up to one hour to either approve or reject your application.


Rejected Form 201


If the name is not available or there is any other issue, the form will be rejected and you will be informed of the error which we will forward to you. In this situation, you will have to log in to our server by using your user name (your email id) and password which we will supply to you and fix the error, such as change the company name or correct the directors address etc and re-lodge the form, without any further payment. The form is lodged again and it follows the same loop, till the company is registered. You can always call our support team, who will assist you.


Our Server

As soon as your company is registered we forward you the PDF file of Certificate of Incorporation and all legal documents to you. For complete list, please see what you get.

In most cases, the company is registered instantly, the most common issue is that customers try and register a company whose name is similar to an existing company name. To avoid this, we have proved a search function above.


Your Computer

We will email you all your company legal documents and certificate of incorporation, for complete list, please see what you get.

You can always log in from anywhere in the world 24/7 and download your documents by using your user name and password.



Log in with your User ID and Password to download your company documents.



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