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How it Works?

The process to register company through us takes less than 20 minutes;


Start online company application

After checking availability of the company name, click on “Start Now ” to start the application for registering the company. The online application form is available 24*7, with anywhere web access.

You can keep information required to complete online application form readily available to expedite the application process. The information required to complete online application form is available as checklist.

The form is easy to fill, with hints and explanatory notes given. If you are not sure about any question or information required, while filling up, you can always call us or chat/email .The form would normally take around 15-20 minutes to be completed.

During completing online application process, you can save the information or save and exit the application by clicking on “Save & Exit “button at the bottom of the application. Instantly the user name (email id) and password will be sent to your registered e mail id. You can now login in your account to restart the application or access your documents post incorporation.

Once form has been completed, you should confirm the details in summary page before submission.


Your form is submitted to ASIC Online

Once the form has been reviewed, the form can be paid and submitted. Once application has been submitted and accepted by ASIC, you can change any details with ASIC only. Check the name of the company before submitting. Any error in name of the company is a costly error to rectify.

The company application form completed will be send as form 201 to the ASIC. We have 24*7 online connectivity with ASIC. You will be prompted for payment via credit card before submission.


Processing by ASIC server

After payment and submission of application, the form 201 will be lodged with ASIC online. Before receipt by ASIC, the server may check for apparent data validation errors e.g. ABN, address validation.

Once received, ASIC server will check the form for various parameters e.g. name availability, address validation with post office, other format of the various input fields.

The checks by ASIC is online and instant. The outcome will depend upon the results of various checks as below

  • If there is no error and name is available, ASIC server will register the company instantly and send PDF file of certificate of incorporation to our server.
  • If any information needs to be checked further, the application will be sent for manual processing. ASIC will review the application manually and give decision.
  • For any error, which requires the application to be amended or non availability of name, the application will be rejected by ASIC. You will receive an e mail for rejection. Depending on reason for rejection, you can modify the rejected application and resubmit again, without paying again. You can access the rejected application by login in your account.
Your company is now registered

On receipt of PDF copy of certificate of incorporation from ASIC, our server will send certificate and other initial legal documents to your registered user id. The whole process from submission to receiving of document normally takes around 3-4 minutes for instantly successful applications.

You will receive an email containing all the documents. You can also access the company documents in your online account at any time in future by login in your account.

Our instructions file send with documents will guide your about process post incorporation of company.



Log in with your User ID and Password to download your company documents.



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