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Do I need a common seal for my company?

No, we do not provide a common seal. Since 1st July, 1998 the use of a common seal is optional. Under Section 127 of the Corporations Act, 2001 the document is considered correctly executed by a company if it is signed by two directors or a director and secretary or by a single director if he is the sole director and secretary.

Can I choose a name for my company?

Yes, you can decide on name of the proposed company within prescribed guidelines. The name should not be similar to existing company or business name. If the existing business name is owned by you, you can use the name for forming a company with similar name, subject to a process to be followed.

You can find more information on company name guidelines here

Can I register a company without a name ?

A proprietary company must include the word 'Proprietary' or the abbreviation 'Pty' in its name and must also show the liability of its members, unless the members' liability is unlimited.

You can chose legal element “Pty Ltd”, “Proprietary Limited”, “Pty Limited”, “Pty. Ltd.” in our application.

What is I do not intend any name for my company/forget to enter name?

You can register a company without inputting specific name. In that case company Australian company number will be used as name of the company e.g. “A.C.N. 123 456 789 Pty Ltd”.

If you forget to enter name of the company, then also the company will be registered with Australian company number as name, as above. Do check name of the company at summary page, before submitting.

Can I register a single member/director company?

Yes, you can register a company with single person as member and director.


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